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I'm a wanna-be triathlete with 4 kids trying to start an all natural energy bar business while being married to a work-a-holic farmer. . .?!


This is the story of a couple farmers staring an energy bar company:) One of us is a wanna-be athlete (also addicted to Crossfit) and one of us is just really good at growing stuff;) We've never done this before, so figured we'd share in the adventure! The mistakes, victories and tales of the bumpy road. . ..

That's the short down and dirty ramble. .. but I really started this blog to connect with and hopefully inspire other folks going through this life with lots on their plate and trying to eeek out an authentic meaningful existence. I try to give people who drop by my blog something they can take away with them. .. .whether its a killer playlist for working out, an uber healthy recipe, or just a smile. . . then this whole blogging thing will be worth it. I've been inspired and lifted up by other peoples blogs and I pray I can do the same with mine. .. .

What's discussed here is truly a mixed bag. .. .on any given day you will find me rambling about anything from cool midcentury modern design finds to God to stories about starting this energy bar business. .. .o.k., you may also find stories about monster chili face (my youngest son) and tales of woe from my attempts at being a parent!

At the end of the day.. .I hope I can provide something of value to you. . .. even if it's just a raised eyebrow;)


eating healthy, training for triathlons, mid century modern design, attempting to be green, thinking global while supporting local . . . attempting to do what's right!